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RE: Disclosing Privacy

I have received a nice letter from the folks at Tumblr.

They asked that I remove the addresses of individuals, as it is in violation of Tumblr’s content policy, and we have concerns for peoples safety after the over night press this site has received. I have complied to their wishes and removed addresses from my postings, as I want to keep this site running on Tumblr.

I am still going to be operating the site, and will still gladly shame companies and institutions by name.

This site had 5 posts and hadn’t been updated for weeks until the original gothamist article was written yesterday, a little over 24 hours ago. Now there are 450+ followers.

Thanks for your continued complaints and support. I’m just grateful I haven’t gotten threatening phone calls or emails yet.


Larry ‘the’ Fox

What Happened?

I submitted what i felt was a nice piece in support of the site and it didnt get approved?

I am starting to get a lot of these questions.

Realize I am only one person, with a day job, and a single day off all week.

I currently have almost as many questions I do followers. Which is approaching 600.

vaughnwhiskey asked: 1st of all, i don’t anon. 2nd of all, I never tip my waiter or delivery guy and i use to do both as a weekly job. why you may ask…. because they get paid buy the hour, fuck…my driver always forgets my diet coke or half of my order anyways. now it might be different where you live and what not….. but from my stand point, you don’t tip your dentist or bagger at the grocery stores

Thank you for not being Anon, I have instant respect for that. At Urban Rustic I get $50 for a 9 hour day (we call it a shift pay), and the rest comes from tips. No hourly wage at all. I also don’t bag the orders so mistakes are rarely my fault.

Above and Beyond

Something that people don’t realize who have never worked in this industry is that the percentage tip is merely a launch pad. You should always tip 15 or 20% for excellent service, but remember that sometimes, you really need to tip more. For example, if there are 4 of you, and you are eating 2 entrées, a 20% tip is not probably going to cover the work that the server had to do to keep you all happy. The bill is too low. If you hang out for 3 1/2 hours talking about how much you love pina colladas and getting caught in the rain, the server just missed out on at least 2 tables in that time, so tip better to make up for his/her lost income. If you are a pain in the a**. Look, I love mustard, pickles, extra cheese, tomato, onion, mayo, bbq sauce, ketchup, hollandaise, pico de gallo, and pesto on my burger as much as anyone else, but if you need something super dooper over specifically special, you need to tip more. Also, if you drink 35 glasses of water, or if your kid leaves a ring of destruction around the highchair….

This list could go on and on. Just remember, if you are anything different, unusual, special, unique or…challenging, tip more.


Submitted by MrsMontoya

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