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Everyone should be forced to watch the movie “Waiting”.  After seeing that, everyone should be happy to tip well and treat their servers like GODS!

Anonymous asked: Another news flash, if I start to make my own food as you recommend, and everyone who doesn’t feel they can give a good tip does this as well, you will be out of a job. Sometimes people complain but don’t see how stupid they are really being. If you’re advising me to cook my own food at home, then you’re basically asking me to help you be out of a job. Why are you such a moron?

The majority of people tip well and decent. I would just be saved the hassle of delivering your cheap lazy bum food.

Good vs Bad

As a delivery driver I want to let people know that if you are a bad tipper we don’t forget. If you ask for extras and still charge ,but we won’t give to it to you because we know you won’t notice, and you will be put on the bottom of our delivery list on multiple runs.

On the other hand if you are a good tipper and you ask for extras we will give you the extras and won’t charge you for it. Also if you ordered after everyone else and you are on the run we will get it to you first.

Submitted by DK